We’re all staying home these days, and for good reason. But how can we get the pain relief we need without visiting crowded stores with empty shelves?

Follow these 5 tips to get the holistic relief you need without leaving your home!

1: Relax the Mind

With everything going on, it’s hard to just relax, but stress and worry can actually make us physically tense which can increase pain. So what can you do to chill out? Listen to music, read a book, play with your pet, and breath. Taking deep breaths has an immediate calming effect, so make sure you take moments throughout the day to focus on breathing.

2: Move the Body

It may sound counter-intuitive to move around when you’re in pain, but sitting too long in one position can actually make your pain worse. Take short walks with your pet, or simply walk around your house to loosen your joints and get blood flowing to your muscles.

3: Sleep Well

Sleep gives our bodies time to rest and recover which can help reduce pain. If you’re not sleeping enough, try shutting down your electronic devices a little earlier, drink some herbal tea, and maybe even meditate! It’s a great way to settle your mind and fall asleep fast.

4: Try a Botanical Remedy

When managing localized pain, a topical treatment can provide relief quickly right where you need it. The most effective topical creams contain natural ingredients that can penetrate deep to help trigger pain relief from within, like Lefa!

Lefa’s one-of-a-kind joint and muscle cream is botanically powered and loaded with over 3,000 mg of powerful whole plant CBD and the pain fighting powerhouse, Beta-Caryophyllene – plus Menthol for immediate relief. It’s better than CBD alone, and its triple action formula penetrates deep, absorbs fast, and soothes on contact! Plus, it smells great! Its deep penetrating ingredients directly interact with sensors in the body to help ease pain from the inside and out! You don’t need to leave your house to experience Lefa – Lefa is delivered straight to your door!

5: Stretch